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Lots of problems with a Pro Macbook wouldn’t use for djing a party!!!Fyi...

I now spend too much money on music

App is amazing, but as a serious DJ I can’t fall back on Spotify. Gotta buy my music so I can record, mix offline, etc. I bought three albums this morning on iTunes because of the iPad version of this app. Those albums collectively cost more than the iPad app, so if there was any doubt this app is a deal, let’s dismiss that now.


Great app👌 Will recommend for sure

Stops playing

Love your software have them for a long time have the latest a soon as they come out but been having this problem on my iPhone X for Months now several updates hoping it corrects the issue but still continues just stops playing every 3 to 5 songs

Please fix it :)

While opening music from third party apps it dose’t open files in all four of the players it only opens in the only two major players, so if two songs are simultaneously being played and more songs are needed to be added on the other two decks it simply ejects the ones that are playing and replaces that deck Please fix it Thank u Regards RhB

Much improved

Awesome app for a pro dj or just for fun! I been using this app for 5 years and it’s amazing with every new update they have improved! Highly recommend this DJ Pro its excellent for a pro dj backup or live use. If your gonna stream make sure you do not use on pink magenta it has big time issues on their network everyone else is fine and the problem is with pink magenta not this app

No Apple Music Integration

Great app, but needs Apple Music integration. I shouldn’t have to download music to play them. I’m sure you have deal with Spotify, but they are projected to be passed by Apple in the US. Please support us Apple Music users.

Great on IPhone with Numark device

Yea jamming out on a Saturday and this was fun.

This app is so excellent! But I have any idea...

This app is so lovely! I really enjoy the app, I was making mixes, intros, episode, and so much more. I can’t stop the DJay Pro, and I would like to upload a DJay episode videos to YouTube a lot. I wanna 5 stars for app but I put 4 stars. Sometimes I make a party mixes for YouTube. But one of time I deleted my old YouTube video because there was blocked my party mixes video in the countries. I don’t know why can’t I use the mixes for YouTube. But I have another 2 Mix videos in my YouTube channel but my 2 videos still have no blocked yet. Actually pretty good videos right now. But sometimes YouTube will be blocked my Mix videos again. That’s right I put 4 stars for this support. Thanks for reading my feedback! :)

Dosent work on i phone X



My app has a delay when play any song

Yes Finally!

It took about a million years for you guys to fix the Spotify problem on only being able to play on Wifi. Im giving it a five star due to this legitimate bug fix but seriously this could’ve been fixed alot sooner.

Newer isn’t always better

It’s a solid app, to be sure, definitely my favorite for live mixing. I guess I just miss a few features of older versions - like the record scratching function of djay 2 and way back in the first version when you could sync the beat with two instances of the same song without having it skip to the same location in each song. Love that we can have 4 turntables though 👍🏻


Love it, work great!!

No se escucha

No se escucha las canciones se detiene y no pude reproducir las canciones mejorar la app

I retract my bad review

The latest update fixes everything that was wrong with the app in regards to using it with the iPhone X. Thank you guys.


Loving the Spotify integration Wish it would work with Youtube Red But really an amazing tool..

Not happy

It keeps telling me to buy a premium packages to use with djay pro why do I have to do this I have Spotify

Muy buena aplicación,

Se los recomiendo, hoy mismo la estoy usando, y no me quejo de nada


Almost ready for Dj set up!

I love it

Best dj app on the iOS store

It’s the best!!!

I love this app I’ve had it for at least 4 yr now and each update is better than ever keep up the update’s...

It cool once you figure it out

It’s pretty awesome once you’ve completly gotten the hang of it

How do I use my Spotify account with this?

Can’t seem to find the Spotify playlist option.

Eli Gbamokollie

With this app am my own dj😜

Was once great.

Since the released of iOS 11 and the iPhone X, horizontal play button/cue inaccuracy and latency makes horizontal view useless for true performance with the app. It makes it unusable. This is really sad and somebody soon will swoop in and make a better iPhone Dj app like edjing mix who is very close but not there yet in having better actual FUNCTIONALITY and usability than you all. Sad because I really enjoyed this app

False advertisement

Doesn’t mix your shuffle and mix your songs automatically. Mixes effects sound terrible like a kids version and not pro. I’m going back to my free app called Pyro. $10 wasted here.

Works great across all devices

I use djay pro every day across most of my devices and things work great. I currently do not have any great dj hardware but I am saving. I am eager for an iOS update that might compare to the recent upgrade that came out for the Mac OS which I Really Appreciate.

Oh no

I have always loved Numark’s Djay but I have been unfortunately confronted with a problem. My iPhone 7 has been firmware updated which has for some reason disabled the compatibility with my iDJPRO controller... is there any hope😅?

WiFi use only

Before the updates, the app would allow you to stream music through Spotify without a WiFi connection. Now, the app gives you an error and would not allow you to stream through LTE connection. No more live mixing for friends in the car. lol

Feature request: AI intelligent cross fading

I know it’s out for the Mac, so it’s only time before it hits iOS. You guys know that you guys will be the only app in its class that would have intelligent crossfading? There’s literally no other app out of there any iOS space that has this. Please add soon? Thank you guys so much


Best DJ app available

Practically unusable

So I got my new iPhone 7 about 2 months ago, and ever since then, I haven’t been able to use the app if there isn’t any WiFi at all. It’s incredibly frustrating seeing as how I’m not around WiFi most of the time, and when I try to log on using my phones LTE, it always gives me a Spotify log in error. I have unlimited LTE so it’s not like I runout of data or anything and it works perfectly for online multiplayer games so, it’s not like the internet is too slow. This app seems like a almost a complete waste of money for the very reason that I can’t use it unless stationary in a place with WiFi, which defeats the concept it tries to bring of “mobile DJ’ing”.


Hopefully this helps the video section crashes.<—— I did not write that. Actually it crashed my performance because of the ask me to rate app prompt interfering with the software. Please stop interrupting us. Thanks.

Great app, fun for anyone who likes music

Great app. It’d be awesome if we could is it while off WiFi or cellular service. If we can connect to our music libraries on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. without service, why not this app?

Why the customer-hostility?

I actually really like the app and have turned several people on to it. It’s expensive, but generally worth it. Now, though, every time .... EVERY TIME I launch the app, I get a full screen ad. Worse, half the time when I try to dismiss it, i accidentally click it and get whisked off to Safari. How incredibly annoying and disruptive! Worst of all, the company could not possibly care less. They’ve adopted “the customer is always wrong” philosophy. I expect such nonsense in a freemium app, but one that costs this much? After buying effects packs twice, once for the phone and once for the iPad? Since this wasn’t disclosed before purchased, it seems fraudulent. How can I make a good faith purchasing decision without knowing that they would do this? Customer hostility is the new norm. Such a shame.

The best

Love this app very convenient and it’s professional

So near perfect

All in all my favorite DJ application. I even enjoy using the iPad over the mac for some reason. But for the life of me I can't understand why there's no DVS control vinyl support. If that one thing was added I wouldn't still need to rely on other apps as well. Please add it I'm begging. Oh yeah and whatever happened to djay remote? That was actually a pretty cool feature.

The best DJay ever!

I am a man of few words. Djay Pro is the best.

Saved my apple watch from the trash

Best Apple Watch App!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I finally have a useful apple watch app!!!

Spotify issues

Can u guys please fix this issue with not being able to log into Spotify. PLEASE!!!!! I use this app with my DJ gigs.

No Spotify

No letting me us Spotify 😕


Incredible. Such a great update from Djay 2. I love that you can mix with both channels with the phone vertically. So worth the buy!


Not audience ready still


Djay Pro is one of the best

Video output and audio sync issues

DO NOT BUY! This program doesn’t support chromecast video or audio, no computer link. The interface is extremely baffling especially when there are soooo many better items before that are now hidden under layers of menus forcing you to buy some type of external usb equipment to control it better. This app has gone from great to crap and now even worse. On top of that I made a complaint about there being no support for video other than airdrop and other issues and my requests for a better program falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. Thus I only give it zero stars.

Great DJ App

I use this DJ App for all my professional gigs, Parties, weddings, band performances and it’s great haven’t added any DJ hardware as yet will try to do so soon. I hope Djay Pro 2 will be available for IPAD and I Phone soon

Dj pro

It’s good for people who want to do DJing

Wrong Advertising!

I purchased this app after I already had the previous one. My reason for purchasing was the ITunes integration. After paying, I discovered that it does not work. It’s just like the Djay 2 app that I have also. I am requesting my money back!

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